Not your average Detox

This 21-day, seasonal, real foods detox is not a colon cleanse or some weird lemon juice/cayenne pepper starvation liquid diet. I have never done one of those to be honest – I would not be able to because I LOVE food! This detox is based on real, healthy food and everyone who has completed this detox with me has had amazing results. This program is LEGIT!

Benefits of the Seasonal, Real Foods Detox

Weight loss (5 to 15 lbs. is normal with my clients).
Loss in body fat percentage (not just water weight).
Gain jump-out-of-bed energy!
Fitting into clothes you haven’t worn forever.
Clear, glowing, beautiful skin.
Reduced inflammation.
Improved digestion.

Why Should You Consider Detoxing?

You may have heard about detoxes or cleanses, but you may be wondering why you should detox — and is it safe?!

Over the past 60 years or so, we have seen a tremendous increase in the use of chemicals in all types of industry, including farming. Pesticides and herbicides unheard of years ago are now widely used on our food. The debris of these now-common toxins can accumulate in your blood, liver, lungs, gut and cells, causing imbalance. This can lead to inflammation, chronic disease, low energy and more.

The first time I did this detox, I lost 14 lbs., over 2 percent body fat, gained tons of energy, kicked the coffee and was fitting in clothes I hadn’t worn in years! My clients, family, friends and people I randomly meet ALL have amazing results with this — plus, you get accountability from me!

I personally do this real foods detox two to four times per year, seasonally, to restart my system and really focus on food.

What to Expect

In this 21-day program, you’ll eat lots of healthy whole grains, greens, beans, nuts, fruits and veggies. We will stay away from genetically-modified foods and choose organic when we can.

The last two weeks of this program are Vegan, which may be something new for you. Don’t worry — it was new for me, too! But this detox is the best I’ve seen (and I’ve researched a lot of them). You will feel full and satisfied and enjoy the meals while trying new foods.

Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.